13 - The Borderline Bi-Sexuality Of Many Mystics

A Frequently Observed phenomena in the realm of ESP is that of bi-sexuality; The effeminacy of many male mediums and the masculinity of many female psychics. The truth-seeking public prefers not to consciously recognize this or it's talked about in whispers. There is a repressed guilt-ridden awareness. "After all his personal life is his own business. If he can help me that's all I care about." And they're right: The only criterion for judging any psychic is his merit. But for those who prefer intellectual honesty without conventional morality, or emotional discomfort, are objectively interested in this bisexual phenomena as a byproduct of ESP.

Transvestism, homosexuality, and bi-sexuality have an honored heritage in the history of mediumship and prophecy. In his book, Intermediate Types among Primitive 1914, Edward Carpenter has shown that there is a definite link between the homosexual temperament and unusual psychic or divinatory powers. The men were non-warlike and the women non-domesticated so that their energies sought different outlets from the general run of men and women. They became the initiators of new activities.

Havelock Ellis commenting on this in his Studies in the Psychology of Sex writes: "Thus it is that from among them would in some degree issue not only inventors and craftsmen and teachers, but sorcerers and diviners, medicine-men and wizards, prophets and priests. Such persons would be especially impelled to thought, because they would realize that they were different from other people; treated with reverence by some and with contempt by others. They would be compelled to face the problems of their own nature and, indirectly, the problems of the world generally. Moreover, Carpenter points out, persons in whom the masculine and feminine temperaments were combined would in many cases be persons of intuition and complex mind beyond their fellows, and so able to exercise divination and prophecy in a very real and natural sense."

Now before the sensationalist jumps to conclusions that all psychics are either overt or latent homosexuals let's get the facts straight. Medical science has proven that all men possess the secondary physical characteristics of women and the latter of men. That the so-called "normal" man is about 80% male and 20% female.

Psychiatrists have pointed out with monotonous regularity that there are many men who are predominantly feminine in their psychological make-up yet who are sexually normal. There are many passive, even "sissified" men who are not homosexual - to the dismay of their hecklers! And some of the most masculine of men, physically and psychologically, are homosexual. It's the old cliche "All that glitters is not gold!" But all of us are bisexual in both our physical and mental constitution. When this bi-sexuality is highly developed, at least on the psychic plane, you have the makings of a mystic.

Anthropologists have shown that in every society, from the aborigines of Australia to the Eskimos of Alaska, bi-sexuality and homosexuality have existed. In Tahiti_men who dressed and lived as women were, called Mahoos. The Sakalaves of Madagascar choose young boys who are pretty, delicate and effeminate to be brought up as girls. They are called sekatra. The Aleuts of Alaska

called theirs schopan, meaning girl-like. All of the American Indian tribes had girl-boys and many of them were selected as such when they were children. The Montana called the deviate a bote, meaning "not man, not woman." The Washington Indians called him a burdash meaning half-man, half-woman. All of these wore female clothing,

lived and acted as women, and were tribally accepted, respected, or at the least tolerated. What is of special note here is that the majority of priests, witch-doctors and shamans were of bisexual temperament, if not openly homosexual.

Without going into the whole complex realm of bi-sexuality and its causes but restricting it primarily in the areas of psychic significance we find a definite logic. The man who "possesses the soul of a woman in the body of a man" is inherently "one up" on his fellowmen. He can intuitively understand women much better than the average man, and at the same time identify with this same man. Without any sexual expression whatsoever the bisexual person elicits the most intimate of friendships from other men who cherish his understanding, tenderness, non-competitiveness. At the same time women sense a silent sympathy in him and intuitively can enjoy his male companionship without "having to play the part of a woman" and can confide in him without fear of betrayal.

Since it is generally agreed that a good psychic reading requires the silent co-operation of the client, the psychic must be attuned and in rapport with the deepest layers of the client's feelings and thoughts. His predictive accuracy is based on this psychic rapport. The male medium who "thinks like a man" cannot give his best to troubled female clients. The female psychic who "thinks Just like a woman" can't render a full service to her male clients. She is limited by her feminine feelings. And in all readings unconscious motives and emotions play a strong role. Far from being something picked out of the astral genuine psychism stems from the deepest reservoirs of man's mind. To function effectively it must operate on a positive wavelength that is "in tune" with the client's inner radar. When a psychic is bisexual in his mind (as opposed to physical expression with either his own sex or both) he is in a position to communicate with all clients, male or female.

Scientific investigations into the lives of men and women who pioneered new movements, cults and creeds reveal this dominant bi-sexuality, on both a physical and / or psychic level. Close scrutiny of the lives of prophets and mystics, of men and women of high intellectual attainment, support this. Creative visionaries, great painters and writers, philosophers, all who work closely with the inspirational-intuitive have this psychic bi-sexuality. From Biblical prophets to modern mediums this phenomena has been observed and recorded. Again I quote Edward Carpenter from his Intermediate Types Among Primitive Folk, pg. 83: "It becomes easy to suppose of those early figures - who once probably were men - those Apollos, Buddhas, Dionysus, Osiris and so forth - that they too were somewhat bisexual in temperament, and that it was really largely owing to that fact that they were endowed with far-reaching powers and became leaders of mankind."

In 1885 ethnologist Elie Rechus published his Les Primitifs (English translation Primitive Folk) in which he clearly showed the connection with homosexuality and the priesthood, and especially noted the Eskimo schupans who were both homosexual transvestites, visionaries and priests. Religious transvestism, conventionally accepted, the wearing of robes, descends from the prehistoric bi-sexuality of African witchdoctors, shamans, pagan priests and ancient modes of dress. There is no attempt here to either condone, apologize for or imply bi-sexuality - homosexuality as a basis or cause for genuine prophets or priests.

I'm merely reporting historic fact, psychological findings, honest and objective observations. Bi-Sexuality and homosexuality are not assets to the psychic, nor are they hindrances, per se. My emphasis here is not on the physical expression of sexual urges but on their psychic effect to both client and counsellor. Psychic bi-sexuality - the female psychic who can "think like a man" yet remain a woman physically, sexually and psychologically. Or the male medium who "thinks like a woman" yet remain biologically and psychically a man. Nor is this to discount the fact that there are many sexual deviates who possess amazing psychic powers.

In the chapter "You Meet Such Interesting People" from the book The Sense And Nonsense Of Prophecy" by world-famed medium Eileen J. Garrett, she writes: "There is another source of embarrassment - not to myself - which attaches to an interest in mediumistic matters. This arises from the fact that a considerable number of male mediums seem to be of an ambiguous sexuality.

This is not to say that all male mediums are homosexual or even suspect of such deviation from the norm. There is nothing to be gained however, by denying the obvious truth of the opening statement of this paragraph. It can be understood. I think, only if we examine in some detail the origins and histories of the prophetic and divinatory gift."

She writes: "But the last word need say about sexual variants is that the subject is a matter of legitimate interest to psychologists, of illegitimate - but understandable - curiosity to society, and a fine seedbed for plain gossip. However, it is of no earthly concern to psychic research, and although, sadly, some male mediums do not conduct themselves with discretion, those who do can be of enormous importance to the development of scientific discovery."