6 - The Curse On The Catholic Church

For centuries the Catholic Church has wielded fantastic power, both temporal and "spiritual." Its infamous "Holy" Inquisition equals in terror, bloodshed and sadism that of Hitler's Nazi Germany. Though not a practicing Catholic, Hitler was nevertheless baptised into the Catholic religion. He has never been excommunicated. Yet Catholics whose only offense was marrying outside their religion or perhaps attacking some of the Papal encyclicals have been. If this seems inconsistent it's not. Both the Catholic Church and Nazi Germany committed mass murders. They brooked no opposition. Opponents and "heretics" were burned at the stake or in modern ovens. Both demanded complete obedience and "faith".

This was backed up by force. Facts were ignored. Faith plus force equals Fascism. Just as unbelieving Jews were tortured, their property confiscated, burned at the stake as "infidels" during the Inquisition, over six million of them suffered the same fate under the Nazis. In both cases the Christian world gave their sanction to "the final solution to the Jewish problem" by their silence. There are of course many exceptions. But even for those good Christians who did speak out against this mass slaughter the question is: What did they do about it?

There are many documented cases of those who were accused of heresy, witchcraft and "communion with the devil" who died in defiance. As the flames consumed their bodies they cursed the Pope, the Catholic Church, its Cardinals, and the Inquisitors. The Gypsies, the Moors; The Jews, and all those Catholics and Christians who died because of Middle Age madness, the evil jealousy of others, the spitefulness of ugly women against young girls, the projection of sexual guilt unto women by men who accused them, of using "charms" and "witchcraft", the sexual repression of the Inquisitors manifesting itself in sadism, all of this proves that the true Disciples of the Devil were the Inquisitors themselves. Satanism received official recognition and sanction by the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

There has never been any witch who had the power exercised by the Pope. No single witch or coven of witches has ever visited upon mankind the inhumanity, the evil, the dastardly deeds of the Inquisition. It is for this reason that there is a growing interest and attraction to witchcraft. The logic goes something like this: "If what the Catholic Church and its Holy Inquisition did was in the Name of God who needs the Devil?" Or put another way: "With friends like that who needs enemies?" Or: "If they represented the good who needs evil?"

Even if remotely true of the charges against them the witches who were diabolically tortured, eyes gouged, bodies broken, burned, whipped, stretched, crushed, cut, and "crucified" there is nothing that they could have ever done to either equal or deserve the punishments inflicted upon them. In the superstition-ridden hysteria of the Middle Ages many of these victims became convinced of their "sins" and unfortunately gave "the sanction of the victim" to their murderers.


Here the Evil One is temporarily content with causing a group of women to commit the minor sin of gossiping during a church service.

They signed many "confessions" of their "transgressions." In the light of modern knowledge, especially since the powers of the church have been replaced by secular authorities, these atrocities against the accused can never be forgiven. It's one thing to teach a doctrine of an "afterlife" which includes the "purifying fires of Purgatory" and the "everlasting fires of hell" and another thing when this is implemented on earth. The enforcing of a theological dogma that deals with the "spirit" on a temporal body is a contradiction in terms. Even the descriptions of the "spirit" are all made up of the material: Thrones, fires, burning bodies, etc. etc.

The devil is accused of being responsible for all the evil in the world. Yet the evidence of this evil is always done "in the name of God." The bloodiest wars in history have been religious wars. The Crusaders cut throats for their Christ. "Heathen" babies, i.e., non-Christian, were thrown into the air and then stabbed with "blessed" Christian swords. Nazi Germany was a "Christian country" with millions of Catholics. Since the Catholic Church in particular, and Catholics and Christians of all denominations in general, believe in an afterlife in which they will be judged by their deeds in this one, and all of them believe, or so they claim, in a God, isn't it logical for them to expect to get exactly what they deserve?

Regardless of how they hide behind the name of God, if God is the all-wise, all-knowing, all-seeing God that they claim, then who's kidding whom? If their God is just is He going to punish the victims and reward the wrongdoers? Modern intelligent Christians deplore and are ashamed of their witch-hunts and witch-burnings in the past, whether in Medieval Europe or in Salem, Mass., America. Yet they still support the churches responsible for their shame. Catholics still believe in the "Infallibility of the Pope."

Was he "infallible" when he sanctioned the murder of millions by the Inquisition? Was he "infallible" when Bruno and Gallileo were persecuted for teaching that the earth was round, long since proven, especially by the astronauts' lunar flights, which was against the teachings of The Church? Was he "infallible" when for centuries it was considered "a sin to eat meat on Friday" and then this ban was officially lifted? And what about the cosmology in Genesis in the Bible ... since disproved by scientists of every description?

Regardless of whether you "believe" in witchcraft or not, and just in the name of common human decency (at times even that may be asking too much) and especially if you consider yourself a believer in God or a Christian, just ask yourself: Who holds your sympathy: The persecuted witches or the Holy Inquisitors? Who do you consider the most evil: The victims or the torturers? In short just who were the real "devils" in this Inquisitional barbarism?

The Curse On The Catholic Church has been made by every victim of its injustice. All of the accused witches, whether they were in fact or not, have sent their curses cascading down through the centuries upon their tormentors. Schisms, splits, scandals, uprisings, priests and nuns leaving the church at a rate of a thousand or more a year, the division between the Liberal and the Conservative elements, parish priests defying and challenging the authority of their bishops, public airings on radio and TV, revolt in the ranks of both priests and laymen, the uproar over the Pope's stand on birth control, the increasing probe into the Vatican's vast land holdings throughout the world, its billions of taxfree dollars, the church's vast investments in top banks, industries, including munitions factories (as one example, the Jesuits in the U.S. own 51% controlling stock in the Bank of America, the richest bank in the world), the fast spreading Tax The Church movement, the peasant uprisings in many Latin American countries who are turning leftist if not Communist in opposition to the Church's domination and suppression of them for centuries, the recent accusation by parish priests that their bishops were "racist?

The Rider From The Tower

During the Middle Ages when an agreement was made with the devil most people had no doubts that their debts would be paid. The devil would never fail to come and demand payment. In this case payment is a child.



Was known to be well mannered and seductive. The cloven hoof under his foot is an indication that the devil intends to possess him.

The lack of initiative and participation in the Civil Rights Movement alienating many minorities, the segregationist practices, until recently, of many churches in the South, the books being written by priests who left the church condemning their policies, their practices and their pretensions .... the church itself is the greatest contributor to fulfilling the curses heaped upon it throughout the centuries. ...

If, as most psychiatrists claim, witchcraft works because of the person's deep belief in it then the past record of the Catholic Church, its Inquisition, its killing of witches, is in itself assurance of witchcraft's success. If they now claim they don't believe in witchcraft they are not only going against their own dogma but in effect admitting that all these people were murdered for nothing. That shatters forever any belief in the Pope's "infallibility" and destroys any trust they could ever hope to achieve.

It would be a confession more horrible than any accused Nazi ever made, including that of Adolf Eichmann, responsible for sending millions of Jews to their death. The supposed "good that the church does" can never erase nor repay the evils it has committed. The ever-growing attraction of witchcraft in the world today, and even the public acceptance of witches, whether rational or not, cannot be any less rational than the creeds and rituals of Christians.

To give you one example: In the book The Light Of The Cross in the Twentieth Century subtitled The Influence of the Church on Modem Civilization. The title page goes on to say 'The teachings of the church made manifest to the modern mind, from the pens of the Paulist Fathers and other Eminent Authorities, with an Introductory chapter by His Eminence James Cardinal Gibbons, Published with the Imprimatur of His Grace The Archbishop of New York: The Office Of Catholic Publications." Copyright January 2, 1905.

After fifty eight years a book becomes public property. I question the usage of "Teachings of the Church" and "Modern Mind" in the same sentence. It's another contradiction in terms! But let me quote from the chapter "On The Real Presence Of Our Lord Jesus Christ In The Holy Eucharist."

'The eucharist is a sacrament (viz., an outward sign) which contains Our Lord Jesus Christ living and concealed under the appearances of bread and wine.

The Church teaches us that the bread and wine are changed in the hands of the priest during Mass into the body and the Blood of Jesus Christ. It is this mysterious bread, Jesus Christ Himself, that Christians call the Eucharist or the Blessed Sacrament. Behold! how deep a mystery! glorious unfathomable, and divine! But are we perfectly sure that we are not mistaken? Is it a certain fact that Jesus Christ is really present in the Blessed Sacrament? yes, it is very certain, very sure, and we desire no other proof the divine words of Jesus Himself.

The more unpenetrable this mystery, the more implicit and absolute the faith required of us by the Son of God, so much the more distinct and unmistakable would have been the teaching that He gave us concerning it. And such that teaching is; and His words on the subject of the real presence are so perfectly plain, so clear and positive, that for three hundred years Protestants have turned and twisted in vain in a useless endeavor to evade the full force and meaning of words they cannot deny. The evidence remains, and overwhelms them."

In seventeenth century England, the practice of hanging witches came into being. These procedures however did not challenge the common practice of burning them at the stake and many witches died in despair.


'The Bewitched Groom' a wood engraving by Hans Balding brim.

The following chapter goes on to justify the Catholic belief that the Eucharist is not just a symbol but actually is the body of Jesus Christ Himself. It also manages to take potshots at Jews and Protestants: "Let them, for instance, open the Gospel. Our Lord Jesus Christ speaks twice of the Holy Eucharist; the first time to promise it, about a year before His death; the second time to institute it. The promise is related by the apostle St. John, in the sixth chapter of his Gospel. Our Lord was by the sea of Galilee. He had just miraculously fed five thousand persons with five loaves of bread.

Multiplied in the hands of the Apostes who distributed them to the people by the command of their Master, these miraculous loaves were a symbol and an acted prophecy of that living bread, far more mysterious, which these same Apostles, and the priests, their successors, should be one day charged to distribute to all Christian people. Overcome with admiration at the sight of this great miracle, they said among themselves, "This is of a truth the Messiah whom we look for." "Labor not," said the Lord to them, "for the meat which perisheth, but for that which endureth unto life everlasting, which the Son of Man will give you.

This is the work of God, that you believe in Him whom He hath sent. But I have told you already; you have seen me, you have seen my miracles, and yet you do not believe." And when the Jews said to Him that Moses their father had formerly given them manna, a well-known miracle which had proved His divine mission, Jesus answered, "Amen, Amen. Moses gave you not bread from heaven, but My Father giveth you the true bread from heaven. For the bread of God is that which cometh down from heaven, and giveth life to the world."

Then the Jews began to murmur, as Protestants and unbelievers murmur still. But Jesus said to them, "Murmur not among yourselves. Amen, Amen. I say unto you, He that believeth in Me hath everlasting life. I am the bread of life. Your fathers did eat manna in the desert, and are dead. This is the bread which cometh down from heaven, that if any man eat it he may not die. I am the living bread. If any man eat of this bread he shall live forever; and the bread that I will give is my flesh for the life of the world."

Then the Jews began to murmur more loudly, saying, "How can this man give us His flesh to eat?" And they would not believe. But Jesus Christ reaffirmed to them, with still greater power and decision, that He would give them bread which should be His own Body, and His own Blood — bread which should be Himself, and that all must eat this living bread who would be of the number of His disciples. And He did, in a manner, pledge Himself to a fulfillment of the words that He had spoken. "Amen, Amen, I say unto you, except you eat the flesh of the Son of Man, and drink His blood, you shall not have life in you. He that eateth My flesh, and drinketh My blood, hath everlasting life; and I will raise him up at the last day. For my flesh is meat indeed; and my blood is drink indeed: He that eateth My flesh, and drinketh My blood, abideth in me, and I in him.

This is the bread that came down from heaven. He that eateth this bread shall live forever." It was impossible to speak more clearly. And yet many who heard Him were still incredulous. 'This saying is hard!" they cried; who can believe it?" And they went away from Jesus just as Protestants go away from Him now, since they also refuse to believe in the presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharistic bread, and have allowed themselves to be separated from Him by Luther and Calvin, and others who have joined in the same mad and miserable rebellion. Jesus is not troubled by this defection. Although God has an infinite love for man, He has no need of him, and will never force his homage."

I realize that it may try your patience to read the above but it's worth reading, and rereading, to fully understand the theological premise of the Catholic religion. Compare what is written above to any witchcraft ritual.

A Harpy Devouring A Man

Harpies were believed to be monsters with the bodies of vultures and the faces of women. The use of the word harpy has since become a term for women devouring men in marriage.

But before I comment any further let me quote you this final paragraph:

"In Germany there is a striking demonstration of this truth. Our Lord is represented between Luther and Calvin, the two principle founders of Protestantism. Luther pretended that ha the Blessed Sacrament there is both the substance of the Bread and the Body of Jesus Christ; Calvin, more daring and more honest, said that Jesus Christ is not there at all, and that the bread is only a symbol of His body. (As if a piece of bread could by any possibility be a symbol and a figure of a living body!) Each of the three here portrayed holds, therefore, in his hands the Eucharistic bread; and these are the different inscriptions which are placed under each: Under Calvin, we read - This is not my body, but only a symbol of my body. Under Luther - This is bread and my body. And under Our Lord - This is my body. Then beneath the three, which is right? For my part, I take the stand amidst the ranks of God, and proclaim boldly with the Catholic Church, assembled at the Council of Trent, "I believe and I know that Jesus Christ is really present in the Blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist. Whoever believes otherwise is not a Christian."

Just remember one thing: The Catholic Church is not saying that the Eucharist represents, or that it is a symbol, of the body of Jesus Christ. The above states point blank that IT IS THE BODY OF JESUS CHRIST. As a child I spent six years of my life in a Catholic boarding school in Worcester, Mass. I know that this is true firsthand. I remember our captive collective minds being constantly bombarded by all kinds of stories. One concerned some saint of the church who went to Holy Communion, and doubting that the Eucharist was the body of Christ, removed the host from his mouth, and later when alone, cut into it. At that the host "began bleeding and jumped away."

Apollonius of Tyana was a famous magician of ancient Greece. He is celebrated for his ability to cure the sick and raise the dead.

I don't remember all the details. I do know that such a story is accepted unquestioningly by young minds. It's fully believed. It's also insurance that these children will grow up full of fear and guilt, and the idea of "cutting into a Eucharist" is so blasphemous, so guilt-paralyzing, that even those who may turn their backs on the church could never reach the point of testing the truth about the Eucharist. However, I do know personally two former Catholics who did just that. When asked "What happened?" they replied "Not a damn thing."

In my book How To Prevent Psychic Blackmail in the chapter on Questions & Answers someone asks: "In view of all the wars, mass murders, and violence we have today what do you think of the claim that Jesus Christ died on the cross to save humanity?" My answer? "With no attempt to seem blasphemous, I think he showed remarkably poor judgement!"

Cannibalism is condemned by all civilized countries. There are only a few remote areas in the world where tribes still eat human flesh; New Guinea, in the interior of the Amazon jungle, perhaps a couple of others. There's not a single living Catholic or Christian who wouldn't be revolted by the idea. Yet many Protestants practice spiritual or symbolic cannibalism, and according to the Catholic Church's own creed, they literally practice cannibalism. And despite what the Church teaches I've never met a Catholic who really believes that the Eucharist itself is "the living body of Jesus Christ." In fact, I'm almost certain that the reason they can receive Holy Communion with impunity is precisely because they don't believe this in their gut, regardless of what they say.

In the March 30, 1969 issue of the New York Daily News there's a feature story authored by Rome correspondent Reynolds Packard entitled "EX-PRIEST OF THE VATICAN MARRIES." Above the story is a photograph of the married couple with this caption "Former papal chaplain Giovanni Musante beams with his bride, the former Giovanna Carlevara, as they leave church in Rome after their marriage yesterday." The story goes on to say: "Former Monsignor Gio. anni Musante, 53, once a Chaplin in the household of Pope Paul, married Giovanna Carlevaro, 38, today.

The religious ceremony was performed in a 15th century Church, Santa Maria de la Pace (Saint Mary of Peace) near Rome's famous, fountain-studded Piazza Navona. The church is noted for its frescoes by Raphael.

Msgr. Fernando Cicioni of the Rome Diocese officiated.

Vatican sources have said that the Pope reluctantly granted permission for Musante to leave the priesthood so that he could marry inside the church.

The bride wore a plain white dress with a small hat. Musante wore a dark suit. They beamed at each other during the ceremony.

Only the witnesses and the bride's mother were permitted to attend the ceremony. Other guests were asked to remain outside the church entrance, where they later congratulated the newly-weds.

The couple kissed each other as they rode away in a white car, driven by a friend, to a wedding banquet in a suburb,. The bride cut a massive white wedding cake amid the applause and cheers of a score of friends.

Later the couple left in a car driven by Musante for what friends said would be a long honeymoon.

This was the first time in many years that such dispensation has been granted by the Vatican, although it is not unusual elsewhere in the Catholic world."

Pope Paul was forced to grant this dispensation. He couldn't afford to have Musante quit and marry outside the church. Lesser priests are rarely granted the permission to leave and marry. They're treated like sinners, traitors, heretics.

Albertus Magnus (1193-1280) doctor of the Church was celebrated for his abilities as a philosopher, magician and alchemist. The treatise "On Alchemy" has been attributed to him and he is believed by some to have handed down his knowledge to St. Thomas Aquinas.

Since Holy Matrimony is one of the sacraments of the Catholic Church its attitude towards a priest leaving one "holy" sacrament for another "holy" sacrament is a contradiction in terms. Just as the Church has used sex as a weapon of oppression and guilt, thus insuring itself of lifelong guilt-payments from its faithful, sex is also the potent weapon used by both old and modern witches in their Curse on the Catholic Church. And though odd to use the word "reason" in the context of witchcraft, the fact remains that reason is precisely the thing that insures the success of their curse. "As ye sow so shall ye reap!"

One thing I've discovered about Catholics is how little they really know about their own religion, and especially its history. I've spent about ten years of my life in Catholic schools and it wasn't until I searched and researched on my own did I learn the truth. We were told what to believe. Never question. Not once did the priests and nuns ever mention the facts about their faith.

Everything they taught was to serve their own ends. Examples: 'The Jews are the killers of Jesus Christ." "Unbaptised babies will go to Limbo and reside there until Judgment Day" "If you die in mortal sin you will go to hell no matter how good your life up to that time" "If a mass murderer (Hitler for instance) dies repentent, receives Confession and Extreme Unction, he will go to Purgatory until his sins are washed away, then be admitted into heaven." Not once did I ever hear mention that Jesus had brothers and sisters. Now I know why.

Very few Catholics are aware of the Exorcist Priests whose rituals are identical to the practice of voodoo and witchcraft in many parts of the world. These Catholic priests receive special training in their work of banishing evil spirits. During the Middle Ages in Particular they dressed in special robes, a surplice, and entered into a circle at midnight. On their heads they wore a tall pointed hat with the name of Tetragrammerton, and this name was written on it with the blood of a white dove. They then sprinkled the "magic circle" with the blood of a white dove and a black lamb. In their chants they abjured the devil, all the denizens of Hell, in the name "of The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost." They were obsessed with the idea of exorcising the evil spirits that guarded buried treasure so that they could claim it for the church. The use of blood in this Catholic ritual, even though done in the name of God, classified it as unadulterated witchcraft.

Those of you who are interested in pursuing this subject further should read the classic in the field Satanism And Witchcraft subtitled A Study In Medieval Superstition by Jules Michelet. The documented evidence, most of it from church records, of the sex and sadism practiced in convents and nunneries, the degradation and degeneracy, the worship, the whippings, the weird rituals, the wanton excesses and, most notably, the inverted or reversed witchcraft practiced is beyond belief. It also illustrates the ancient truism: The condemnation in others of those things which lie within ourselves. Hitler's persecution of the Jews could have been an attempt to suppress an element of Jewishness in his own background. The Catholic Church's persecution of witches was the result of its own fears, rituals and practises.

In psychiatric terms "queer baiters," those men who fanatically seek out and "beat up" homosexuals are really fighting their own repressed homosexual tendencies. A sexually secure man has no need for this. A religiously and spiritually secure church has no need to play the role of God in meting out punishments on earth.

Among some of the recent headlines for which many of the world's witches take credit (including three that I recently met) are the following: LIMA BISHOP CHOOSES SECULAR LIFE. This appeared in the March 23, 1969 New York Sunday News: "The Vatican was embarrassed today by the second case within two weeks, of a high-ranking prelate who decided to abandon priestly duties for a secular life. The latest case involved Bishop Maria Renato Cornejo Radavero, the young liberal prelate of Lima, Peru.

The Vatican newspaper Osservatore Romano said today that it was 'deeply saddened' by the Peruvian bishop's action.

The story explained that the 42 year old bishop felt the Latin American hierarchy was too conservative to cope with modern problems. Pope Paul sent personal messages, trying to dissuade the bishop from leaving. He was deeply disappointed when the bishop left for Buenos Aires.

A Reuters dispatch in the Feb. 16, 1969 N.Y. Daily News was headlined: EX-PRIEST: CELIBACY IS NO BARGAIN. It told about Charles Davis who left the priesthood to marry after twenty years. Writing in the weekend magazine The Observer (London) he explained that celibacy created an endless struggle with sexual phantasy. He said: "And some bishops and priests would cease to speak about sex to their flocks if they knew enough psychology to recognize with embarrassment how clearly what they say often revealed their own repressions and difficulties."

He said many Catholics are ignoring the official Papal line against contraception, adding: "Perhaps in the past more renegade priests found unrepentant happiness than the pious suppose. My own guess is that an honest empirical study of the celibacy imposed upon priests would show that it fosters a regressive attitude towards sex among Catholics."

In the Feb. 12, 1969 N.Y. Daily News this appeared: ITALY PUTS REIN ON ANTI-POPE. Former French priest Michel Collin, who calls himself Pope Clement XV and set himself up in Milan last weekend as the first anti-Pope in five centuries, was expelled from Italy today.

Italian police knocked on the door of Collin's newly rented Milan apartment and handed him a statement declaring him an undesirable. They bundled him into a police car, drove him to the Italo-French border town of Clemery in the Savoy Alps, and watched while he crossed into France.

Expulsion followed an interview yesterday in which Collin contended that he, and not Pope Paul VI, is the real Pope. He arrived in Milan garbed in a white skullcap and ermine-lined purple robes, accompanied by his so-called Papal Court of eight Cardinals and four Swiss" Guards.''

In the April 3, 1969 N.Y. Daily News was this headline: POPE BLASTS REBELS AS HURTING CHURCH. Authored by Rome correspondent Eleanor Packard, it says "In one of the most impassioned speeches of his five year reign, Pope Paul declared today that rebellious priests and laymen were 'crucifying the Catholic church.'"

Addressing ten thousand Holy Week pilgrims, in St. Peter's Basilica, the Pope urged his listeners to continue to have faith in the teachings of the church. He was referring to the rebellion among priests, the rejection of his encyclical by many Catholics of his ban on artificial birth control, those who oppose priestly celibacy, etc.

"The church is suffering from the rebellion and scandal of certain priests and religious laymen who are crucifying the church today," the Pope said. He went on "The church is suffering above all from abandonment by so many Catholics of their faith. It is suffering from disturbing critical and destructive rebellion of so many of its sons, its favorites - priests, teachers, laymen - against its traditions, its unity and its authority."

Members of the nobility were often involved in black masses of the 17th century. The illustration shows the Abbe Guibourg killing a child over the body of Madame Montespan so that she could retain the favours of the King. These Black Masses were often held with members of the Catholic Clergy participating.


Roger Bacon (1214-1294) Introduced the experimental method and applied it to 'Natural Magic', alchemy and astrology.


Athanasius Kirchner (1602-1680) invented the magic lantern and was the first to decipher the Egyptian hieroglyphs. The chemists of his era were greatly influenced by his writings on the occult science.

One elderly well-groomed witch, Maria who contacted me through my Village Voice advertisement, who traces her ancestry to the pre-Inquisition, and who had three of her ancestors burned at the stake, said to me: "We have cursed the Catholic Church in our family from generation to generation. As for the Pope's declaration that the Church is being crucified, I, for one, will only feel that justice will be served when all of its officials who uphold the same beliefs that tortured and crucified my ancestors, are themselves burning at the stake. I'm willing to give them the same amount of mercy that they gave us: None. One of my cousins is an ordained priest.

He entered the priesthood to better serve our cause, following the ancient adage, 'If you can't beat an enemy, join him. There are many of us in the underground who are known as practicing Catholics. It's for this reason that my cousin was able to become a priest. He was brought up in parochial schools. They taught him one thing. We taught him the truth. Through him we are able to obtain all the chalices, holy water, hosts, and vestments of the Catholic Church. We use these in our rituals. We will be avenged."

When she first wrote to me, this woman said in her letter "I know someone who is a witch but I'd like to know more about you and your book before I give you her name." I knew intuitively the reason for her caution. I wrote to her immediately, a post office box, sending her a list of my books, my phone number etc. She called. We spoke for over an hour. She called a second time and agreed to see me in her apartment in the fashionable East Sixties in New York. For obvious reasons she forbid me to use her name.

I wish that I could say more about this charming, intelligent, woman but even a description could be dangerous, as she said, "from my fellow Catholics" and then laughed. Now in her late sixties this woman has led a very successful, productive life, has a great sense of humor, is utterly graceful, but her face hardens, there is a terrifying intensity in her voice when she speaks of "the evil of the Catholic Church."

She said: "Now I can die in peace. I've lived all these years for only one thing: To see my ancestors avenged ... to see justice done ... I've hoped and cursed and prayed and practiced witchcraft all my life ... I've been active in the legalized abortion movement ... in women's and civil rights ... I've also had tremendous compassion and respect for the black man in America, because, like me, he is the victim of the white man's Christianity ... everything black is despised and condemned ... black soul, black arts, black magic, black marks, black man.

In many Christian minds the black man is symbolic of his own evil thoughts and deeds. He has been the persecuted victim of the same evil that dominated the Inquisition and for the same reasons. It's not coincidence that the Pope himself has declared that the Church is being Crucified. That is part of our ritual." My interview with Witch Maria appears in the following chapter.

Triangle Against Fever