5 - Collection of Specimen Cups, with Interpretations

The succeeding ten figures are copied from actual teacups that have been subjected to the proper ritual by various consultants and duly interpreted by seers. They are representative of many different classes of horoscope, and they should afford students practical instruction in what symbols to look for, and how to discern them clearly as they turn the cup about and about in their hands.

By reference to the interpretations provided upon the pages facing the illustrations he will be able to ascertain the principles upon which to form a judgment of the cup generally; and this, once he has mastered the method, he will be able to supplement, by consulting the alphabetical list of symbols and their significations in the previous chapter, and in this way will speedily attain proficiency in reading any tea-cup presented for his consideration.

Interpretations and Illustrations

Interpretation - Fig. 1

This is a fortunate horoscope. If the cup has been turned by a man it shows that he will gain success, honour, and wealth in the profession of a naval officer. If by a woman then her luck is bound up with that of a sailor or marine.

The pistols on the sides show the profession of arms, and the naval gun in the bottom of the cup accompanied by a trident the branch to which he belongs. The pear on one side and the tree on the other are two of the best signs of promotion, rewards, and prosperity.

The house near the pistol pointing towards the handle of the cup indicates the acquisition of property, but as neither tree nor house are surrounded by dots this will be a town, not a country, residence. The repetition of the initial L may show the name of the admiral, ship, or battle in which the officer will win renown. The triangles confirm the other signs of good fortune.

Fig. 1 Principal Symbols

Two pistols on side.
A cannon in conjunction with a trident in centre.
A pear.
A tree on sides.
A house.
A pair of compasses near the rim.
Several small triangles scattered about.
Initial letters L (twice), N, and V (twice).

Interpretation - Fig. 2

There is nothing very significant in this tea-cup. The wavy lines denote a troublesome journey leading to some small amount of luck in connection with a person or place whose name begins with the initial E. I he hour-glass near the rim and the place from which the journey starts denotes that it will be undertaken in order to avoid some imminent peril. The numeral 4 conjoined with the sign of a parcel shows that one may be expected in that number of days.

Fig. 2 Principal Symbols

Wavy lines.
Initial E in conjunction with Horse-shoe.
Hour-glass near rim.
Parcel in conjunction with numeral 4.

Interpretation - Fig. 3

This shows, by means of the crescent moon on the side, prosperity and fortune as the result of a journey denoted by the lines. The number of triangles in conjunction with the initial H indicates me receipt of a legacy from some person whose name commences with mat letter, and, being near the rim, at no great distance of time.

The bird flying towards and near the handle, accompanied by a triangle and a long envelope, denotes good news from an official source. The flag gives warning of some danger from an enemy.

Fig. 3 Principal Symbols

Crescent moon.
Bird flying.
Initial A in conjunction with sign of letter in official
Other initials, H and two Ls.

Interpretation - Fig. 4

The consultant is about to journey eastward to some large building or institution, shown by the figure at the end of the straight line of dots. There is some contusion in his or her affairs caused by too much indulgence in pleasure and gaiety, denoted by the butterfly involved in obscure groups of tea-leaves near the handle. The tree and the fleur-de-lys (or lily) in the bottom of the cup are, however, signs of eventual success, probably through the assistance of some person whose name begins with an N.

Fig. 4 Principal Symbols

Large tree in bottom of cup.
Fleur-de-lys (or lily).
Butterfly on side approaching handle.
Line of dots leading east to Building.
Initials N and C.

Interpretation - Fig. 5

A letter is approaching the consultant containing a considerable sum of money, as it is surrounded by dots. The future, shown by the bottom of the cup, is not clear, and betokens adversities; but the presence of the hammer there denotes triumph over these, a sign confirmed by the hat on the side. The consultant will be annoyed by somebody whose name begins with J, and assisted by one bearing the initial Y.

Fig. 5 Principal Symbols

Hammer in centre of bottom.
A letter approaching the house, accompanied by Dots,
Initials Y and J (accompanied by small cross).

Interpretation - Fig. 6

A letter containing good news, shown by bird flying and the triangle, may be expected immediately. If from a lover it snows that he is constant and prosperous, owing to the anchor on the side. The large tree on the side indicates happiness and prosperity. A letter will be received from someone whose initial is L. In the bottom of the cup there are signs of minor vexations or delays in connection with someone whose name begins with C.

Fig. 6 Principal Symbols

Large tree on side.
Anchor on side.
Bird flying high towards handle.
Small cross in bottom.
Letter sign close to handle.
Initial L with letter sign.
Other initials, C and H.

Interpretation - Fig. 7

The two horse-shoes indicate a lucky journey to some large residence in a northeasterly direction, the tree surmounting which denotes that happiness and fortune will he found there and that (as it is surrounded by dots) it is situated in the country. The sitting hen in the bottom of the cup, surmounted by a triangle (to see which properly the illustration must he turned round) is indicative of increased wealth by an unexpected legacy. A letter from someone whose name begins with I will contain a remittance of money, but it may not arrive for some little time.

Fig. 7 Principal Symbols

Large horse-shoe, edge of bottom, in conjunction with smaller horse-shoe.
Line of dots leading ENE to
Large building surrounded by
Tree, overlapping rim.
Small triangles.
Initial T with letter and money signs.

Interpretation - Fig. 8

This tea-cup appears to give warning by the flag in conjunction with a rifle and the letter V that some friend of the consultant will he wounded in battle, and as there is a coffin in the bottom of the cup that the wounds will he fatal.

On the other side, however, a sceptre, surrounded by signs of honours, seems to indicate that V will he recognized by his sovereign and a decoration bestowed upon him for bravery in battle, shown by the initial K accompanied by a letter-sign, and by the astrological sign of Mars, intervening between these and the sceptre.

Fig. 8 Principal Symbols

Coffin in bottom, in conjunction with V.
Flag in conjunction with rule on side.
Sceptre on side.
Large initial K with letter sign near sceptre.
Astrological sign of Mars between them.
Initial V near flag and rifle.

Interpretation - Fig. 9

If the consultant be single this cup will, by means of the hare on the side, tell him that he will speedily be married. The figure of a lady holding out an ivy-leaf is a sign that his sweetheart will prove true and constant, and the heart in conjunction with a ring and the initial A still further points to marriage with a person whose name begins with that letter. The flower, triangle, and butterfly are all signs of prosperity, pleasure, and happiness.

Fig. 9 Principal Symbols

Hare sitting on side.
Butterfly near rim.
Heart and ring.
Large flower on edge of bottom.
Figure of woman holding ivy-leaf in bottom.
Initials A and C with dots.

Interpretation - Fig. 10

This is typical of the cup being too often consulted by some people. It is almost void of meaning, the only symbols indicating a snort journey, although the flower near the rim denotes good luck, and the fact mat the bottom is clear mat nothing very important is about to happen to me consultant.

Fig. 10 Principal Symbols

Line of dots leading WSW to
Two letters near rim.