Scan / Edit Notes

Versions available and duly posted:

Format: v1.0 (Text)
Format: v1.0 (PDB - open format)
Format: v1.5 (HTML)
Format: v1.5 (PDF - no security)
Format: v1.5 (PRC - for MobiPocket Reader - pictures included)
Genera: Divination / Reading Tea Leaves
Extra's: Pictures Included (for all versions)
Copyright: 1993
First Scanned: 2002
Posted to: alt.binaries.e-book


1. The Html, Text and Pdb versions are bundled together in one zip file.
2. The Pdf and Prc files are sent as single zips (and naturally don't have the file structure below)


Structure: (Folder and Sub Folders)

{Main Folder} - HTML Files
   |- {Nav} - Navigation Files
   |- {PDB}
   |- {Pic} - Graphic files
   |- {Text} - Text File